Beginner Birder Walk at Bunn’s Creek


Beginner Birder Walk at Bunn’s Creek

June 4 2023

Join us for a spring walk at Bunn’s Creek Trail to see which birds have returned for the season.

This time of year is a great time to start learning birds in the field as most species are back and colourful, making them easy to spot.

Register for the 9am hike here.

Register for the 10:45am hike here. 

The meandering trail follows the course of Bunn’s Creek through a tight ravine. Framed with sloped embankments and shaded with a leafy canopy, the path is quiet and intimate.

This is a popular spot with birders as songbirds and waterfowl are plentiful. A variety of turtles call this home and northern pike, black bullheads, white sucker, and many other fish use the creek for spawning in spring. (Trail info courtesy of Winnipeg Trails Association)

CPAWS Manitoba is hosting this event in partnership with the Delta Marsh Bird Observatory (DMBO), a primarily volunteer-run organization that has been operating in Manitoba since 1992. The organization contributes to the community science database by participating in bird banding and bird observations. DMBO is the only Manitoba-based station in the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network, and they are an important contributor of regional data to national and international databases.

This event is being capped at 20 people to ensure we are able to offer a great, engaging experience for all participants. Please register early and let us know if you can no longer make the event so we can fill your spot. Thank you!

Brand new to birding? Watch our Birding for Beginners webinar with Delta Marsh Bird Observatory!


What to Bring on Your Hike/Activity

  • Bring at least two bottles of water: you can leave one in your vehicle on a short hike; you’ll want both on a long hike.
  • Snacks are a great way to keep your energy up along the trail. Many trails don’t have restaurants or stores nearby so you may also want to pack a picnic lunch.
  • Hand sanitizer (Most trails have outhouses, not modern toilets.)
  • Any medication you may need (like antihistamines, your asthma inhaler, or an EpiPen)
  • A safety whistle, pocket flashlight, and a basic first-aid kit (not required, but a good idea any time you’re in the wilderness)

Outdoor Fun: What to Expect on Your Group Hike/Activity

Sometimes we just want to have some fun and enjoy a friendly chat with a stranger.

Our group hikes and activities are an easy way to get outside and explore Manitoba’s beautiful parks with other people.

CPAWS staff will share their love of nature on a relaxing hike along our favourite trails.

There won’t be any lectures along the way: when we stop for water and snack breaks we’ll keep the conversation casual and light.

If you’ve got questions we’ll do our best to answer them. However, we are not formally trained park interpreters. We encourage people seeking learning opportunities to check out our outdoor learning programming or try an interpretive event offered by Manitoba Parks.

How can we help?

If you have any questions or require any additional accommodations to participate, please email us at [email protected].

About CPAWS Manitoba:

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About the CPAWS Manitoba Nature Club

CPAWS Manitoba’s Nature Club is designed to help Manitobans get outside, make new friends and learn about the wonders of nature.

We’ve developed a wide range of programming and activities to help Manitobans of all ages and abilities enjoy the health and wellness benefits of nature.

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Safety Protocols

CPAWS Manitoba takes the safety of all program participants seriously.

All CPAWS Manitoba staff members have cleared a criminal record and vulnerable sector background check with the Winnipeg Police Department.

All CPAWS Manitoba staff members voluntarily disclose that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We adhere to all public health recommendations and guidelines.

CPAWS policy requires that at least one person leading programming that may involve children must be certified in first aid. This applies to staff or to volunteers.

This program is possible thanks to the generous support of The Winnipeg Foundation.


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