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Ensuring the continued health of terrestrial polar bear habitat in northern Manitoba is critical to maintaining a healthy and prosperous north for the communities of people and wildlife that live there.

Protection of this habitat from industrial development will protect:

  • habitat for hundreds of other species that rely on this landscape
  • important polar bear denning areas where cubs are born
  • significant carbon reserves stored in the Hudson Bay Lowlands
  • Indigenous traditional use of the landscape
  • long term economic assets including sustainable nature tourism

Both Indigenous led land use planning and the proposed Polar Bear provincial park offer opportunities to secure these values and assert Manitoba as a global leader in large landscape conservation.

Help secure a healthy future for northern Manitoba by emailing the Premier of Manitoba and Minister of Sustainable Development.

Your letter will be sent to:

  • Hon. Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba
  • Hon. Rachel Squires, Minister of Sustainable Development 
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