Save Our Moose


The Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is calling for a coordinated and collaborative effort, inclusive of all rightsholders and stakeholders, to develop regionally tailored, evidence-based plans for the recovery and sustainable management of moose populations in Manitoba.

This should include:

  • Provincial support to develop, formalize or refine regional, shared management plans aimed at recovering populations that are deemed to be undergoing unsustainable declines or have dropped below self-sustaining levels.
  • Sustainably managing moose populations that are currently deemed to be stable or increasing.
  • Increased provincial support for population monitoring, including both aerial and land user knowledge surveys, in order to arm resource users and managers with reliable population data.
  • Collaborative and mandatory tracking and sharing of all licensed and rights-based moose harvest numbers between the province and Indigenous nations in order to provide land users and managers with reliable harvest data.
  • The collaborative establishment of protected areas of suitable habitat that are free from industrial development, associated road networks and other linear disturbance corridors. This will reduce pressures on moose caused by climate change and habitat fragmentation, which will help increase and maintain moose numbers at sustainable and harvestable levels. These areas will also protect many other boreal species and ecological services that people and wildlife depend on.
  • Removal or decommissioning of non-essential roads through moose habitat in areas where road density is considered to be a limiting factor in moose population stability.
  • If evidence shows harvest rates are unsustainable, collaborate to suspend all moose hunting in that region until the population recovers.


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Save Our Moose

Moose may soon disappear completely from some parts of Manitoba, where the population has dropped by as much as 57 percent. Tell Manitoba's Premier to Save Our Moose.

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