Volunteer with CPAWS Manitoba

You can help protect Manitoba’s wilderness by volunteering with CPAWS Manitoba or by checking out our Action Centre. If you have an idea about a way that you may be able to help and it is not described below, you are always welcome to contact us with an idea or a proposal for how you can bring your skills and interests to help us conserve Manitoba’s wilderness and wildlife.

Why volunteer with CPAWS Manitoba?

  1. Be a positive part of the wilderness conservation community in Manitoba – our volunteers have always been an important part of the success of our campaigns!

  2. Networking opportunities with staff and the public (especially during outreach)

  3. Job references – for new grads and students, this is crucial for landing that dream job

  4. We outreach at some pretty cool events and BAM look who gets in for free (it’s you!)

  5. Build confidence speaking in front of small groups, knowledge in wilderness conservation issues and your resume

Volunteer Positions

Outreach Ambassador

The main goal of the CPAWS Outreach Ambassador is to educate the public about wilderness conservation initiatives and to promote CPAWS Manitoba’s efforts. Through October to January, you will be tasked with promotion of our campaigns through the annual wilderness calendar. From February to September, the position will bring you to a variety of venues – festivals, events, malls, schools and businesses to collect support in the form of signatures on postcards or petitions.

Graphic Designer

As a Volunteer Graphic Designer with CPAWS Manitoba, you will be helping us create educational and promotional materials, including flyers, posters, graphics for sponsorship packages, and visuals for our social media, outreach events and educational literature. As a non-profit organization, we want all our volunteers to grow in their field of expertise, and strongly encourage everyone to proactively work on projects and openly contribute their ideas. You will also help CPAWS staff become more familiar with basic editing functions in In Design and Photoshop.

Administrative Assistant

We have many tasks available throughout the year for volunteers to help out with: stuffing envelopes, data entry, and many other office tasks. If you have an interest in organization and want to spend some time in the office getting to know our campaign areas, this is the job for you!

Media Writer

Want to help but need a flexible task that can be done from home? Are you a conservation-minded writer with something to say? You can help us by being part of our letter to the editor writing team! Also, if you have an idea for a guest-blogger series, we would love to host you on our blog! Send us ideas and recent samples of your writing for consideration.

Social Media Ambassador

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and share, re-tweet, regram your favourite posts from CPAWS Manitoba! Take it a step further and tag us in your outdoor park adventures, or any news items that you think we may be interested in. A great way to help for the busy conservationist – in the comfort of your own home and on your own time!

Board Member

We are currently searching for board members with skills and experience in fundraising, organizational development, marketing and communications and Indigenous relations to assist with our operations. If you have these or other skills of relevance and the enthusiasm to make a difference, read this document to find out how to submit an expression of interest!

Professional Services

We are also looking for professionals to donate their services as in-kind. Please contact us at info@cpawsmb.org if you'd be willing to donate your professional skills to the protection of our wild places and wildlife.

We are currently looking for the following professional services:

  •     Translator (English to French)
  •     Fundraiser
  •     Graphic Designer