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Nov 08 17
180 Days in the Wild - a presentation in conjuction with the CPAWS Manitoba AGM
Sep 01 17
Indigenous inclusion in NAFTA negotiations
Aug 16 17
Arctic fox dens have room to sprawl in vast intact landscape
Aug 15 17
Vintage videos remind us how park creation has changed
Jul 24 17
Canada lags the world in land protection. Manitoba urged to commit to lands planning, new protection
Jul 19 17
Short-sighted critter wields 30,000 sharp objects, wants habitat protected
Jun 14 17
As interim protections expire groups are hopeful that islands will become provincial parks
Apr 05 17
Boreal lands serve boreal waters
Dec 13 16
Dec. 14 decision on park reserves could have implications for lakes and fisheries
Nov 26 16
Protecting habitat foundational to protecting moose
Oct 31 16
Know the North to share their journey at the CPAWS AGM
Oct 21 16
Province asks you how parks that support moose and Lake Winnipeg should be managed
Sep 02 16
Declining moose numbers prompt online surveys ahead of 50th North American moose conference
Sep 01 16
CPAWS mobilizes a flotilla of canoes to celebrate 25 years of success in Manitoba
May 22 16
International Day for Biological Diversity - MB underusing effective tools to preserve biodiversity
Apr 13 16
CPAWS releases party responses to election questionnaire
Mar 24 16
CPAWS releases citizen-backed provincial election questionnaire
Mar 23 16
CPAWS receives 2016 Conservation Award from The Wildlife Society - Manitoba Chapter
Mar 10 16
Trudeau – Obama joint statement reaffirms conservation goals
Feb 11 16
The Boreal is beluga habitat
Jan 28 16
Know the North guest blog #2 - Lessons In Fear
Jan 08 16
Skownan First Nation wins Excellence in Sustainability Award
Dec 22 15
New Boreal lands secured for nature in Manitoba
Dec 14 15
Report: Manitoba a caribou recovery leader across Canada
Nov 26 15
Two new protected areas and important conservation target announced with protected areas strategy
Nov 24 15
New provincial commitment for Indigenous land use planning good news for communities, conservation
Nov 10 15
CPAWS supports independent review of fisheries on Manitoba lakes
Oct 22 15
Our Annual General Meeting!
Oct 15 15
Manitoba Woodland Caribou Recovery Strategy released
Oct 13 15
Over 10,000 in Manitoba ask for protection of large caribou habitats
Sep 08 15
Local ice cream maker develops flavour to support Boreal conservation in Manitoba
Jul 13 15
NEWS RELEASE: Manitoba making more progress than other parts of Canada on wilderness protection
May 04 15
Conservation spending should align with health care - Manitoba provincial budget 2015
Feb 17 15
Northern Boreal Summit to help Design Future of Manitoba’s Boreal
Dec 16 14
Whiteshell Provincial Park Expanded and Better Protected
Dec 16 14
Caribou Losing Ground Across the Country
Oct 20 14
Spectacular diversity and unique boreal regions protected through a new Provincial Park
Aug 08 14
Comment Period: Chitek Lake Provincial Park Reserve
Jul 23 14
MEC Big Wild Challenge Trail Run supports CPAWS Manitoba with Fun and Fund Matching!
Sep 24 12
TomorrowNow Public Forum
Sep 12 12
To build or not to build?
Jun 15 12
Better protection for caribou and new protected areas on the horizon
Apr 20 12
Wolf captured, killed near Birds Hill park
Apr 17 12
Bears could come out of woods
Apr 04 12
Mar 27 12
Mar 24 12
Riding Mountain National Park Threatened
Sep 29 11
Scientists weigh in on Bipole, boreal forest
Aug 24 11
The Majesty of Manitoba Preserved
Jun 01 11
Bipole III: $11,000 vs $13.68
May 18 11
Manitoba Hydro needs clean-energy image
Apr 07 11
Major flood could be disastrous for Lake Winnipeg: minister
Mar 21 11
Birds Hill Provincial Park Management Planning Program - Report on Public Comments
Mar 18 11
West-side hydro line right approach: lobby group
Mar 15 11
Manitoba’s Bi Pole III Debate: Where The Rubber Hits The Road
Feb 14 11
Location not the issue
Jan 20 11
Hydro line could run under lake
Jan 16 11
Website for heritage bid chalks up cash, visitors
Jan 10 11
Woodland Caribou: A Canadian Idol
Oct 25 10
Environmental groups give Manitoba an award
Oct 01 10
Province backpedaling on promise to establish park
Feb 09 10
CPAWS volunteer, Nicole Wadelius , Wins Volunteer Award
Feb 04 10
CPAWS’ Dave Wright honoured with prestigious legal award