Your Voice Needed to Save Big Wilderness

March 23rd deadline

The Manitoba government is asking for your views on Poplar River First Nation’s land use plan. If honoured, Poplar’s plan will legally protect an ancient and largely undisturbed wilderness area 20 times the size of Winnipeg on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. This means that no industrial logging or mining will ever take place there. We have this one last chance before the government makes a decision to let them know that we want this area preserved forever.

Enjoying a laugh at Poplar River’s open house held to share their land plan - Ray Rabliauskas (Poplar River), Ron Thiessen (CPAWS), Fred Mitchell (Poplar River), and Eddie Hudson (Poplar River)

[caption id=“attachment_1244” align=“alignright” width=“225” caption=“Click map for high-res image”]Poplar River planning area map[/caption]

The boreal is the world’s largest source of fresh water and the northern lungs of the planet. As only about 1/5th of the world’s original forests remain unbroken, we must do what we can and fast to ensure the wellbeing of the boreal forest. Our future relies on it.

CPAWS is proud to work with all involved to forever protect the healthy web of life on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. Congratulations to Poplar River First Nation for their hard work and determination toward protecting part of the world’s largest intact section of boreal forest. We also applaud the Manitoba government and tens of thousands of Manitobans for formally supporting this initiative.

This monumental endeavor has been in the making for over a decade; don’t let the proposal collect dust now that it is so close to fruition.  Let the Manitoba government know how you feel about permanent protection for Poplar River’s traditional area on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

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