Riding Mountain National Park Threatened

Riding Mountain Landscape

There is a worrisome trend of inappropriate commercial development in our national parks. This trend continues with Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park as the next target.
Parks Canada has proposed an amendment to the Riding Mountain National Park Management Plan for Mount Agassiz that would enable the re-development and re-opening of a downhill ski hill which has been closed for over a decade. In our view, this amendment contravenes Parks Canada’s mandate to place ecological integrity as the first priority in park management

CPAWS strongly opposes the proposed amendment because it requires extensive unnecessary development in our national park. According to the feasibility study, the old infrastructure will need to be completely redeveloped, and essentially require developing a new ski area! The re-opening of the ski hill would require new lifts, new lodges, new septic fields and holding tanks, new filtration systems and much more. This runs counter to the National Parks Policy which clearly states that only activities requiring a minimum of built facilities will be permitted.

Don’t let another national park fall victim.

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Yours in conservation

P.S To read CPAWS’ official submission click here.