Dec 04 01
Put Caribou On Threatened List: Experts

The Manitoba government’s continued refusal to include the woodland caribou on its endangered species list is contributing to the species’ declining numbers, according to wilderness experts.

Manitoba wildlife conservation experts say the province’s efforts to date - including a recently published...

Dec 04 01
Manitoba Government Releases Caribou Strategy

After years of delays, the Manitoba government has released its Conservation and Recovery Strategy for Boreal Woodland Caribou. The Strategy is a weaker, watered-down version of its predecessor that fails to embrace what is truly needed to create a healthy future for threatened woodland caribou -...

Dec 04 01
Province Provides $500,000 to Support Development of Land-use Planning on East Side of Lake Winnipeg

The province is providing $500,000 to support land-use planning on the
East Side of Lake Winnipeg which will give local communities a greater
say over how resources in the region are utilized, Conservation Minister
Stan Struthers announced today.

“We want the people of the area to have input into...

Dec 04 01
Official supporters of the Fisher Bay provincial park as proposed by FRCN and CPAWS
  • Manitoba citizens - over 18,000 letters of support sent to the Manitoba government
  • Bill Blaikie - Manitoba NDP Conservation Minister
  • Jon Gerrard - Liberal leader, Manitoba Legislature
  • James Bezan - Conservative Member of Parliament, Selkirk-Interlake (location of Fisher Bay)
  • James Beddome - Manitoba...

Dec 04 01
Park will be gift to Canada and the world

LAST March, Premier Gary Doer and David Anderson, then federal environment minister, signed an agreement to work toward the creation of Manitoba’s third national park in the northern Interlake by May 2005, and to complete public consultations by the end of 2004.

The year is now over, and the...

Dec 04 01
Our Parks Deserve Better

In the column that appeared on January 4, “Good management lets everyone enjoy Manitoba’s provincial parks”, Mr. Robert Sopuck outlines the many activities that take place in our parks,

including cottaging, hunting, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, logging, commercial outfitting and trapping,...

Dec 04 01
Battle for the Beach

A recent article, “Battle for the Beach” (August 30, 2003), and two subsequent editorials call for major commercial developments in Grand Beach Provincial Park and surrounding area.

Why do provincial parks exist? The three purposes of Manitoba’s provincial parks from The Provincial Parks Act are to...

Dec 04 01
Park would be good for Lake Winnipeg

Regarding Peter Schroedter’s article on the issues surrounding the proposal to protect Little Limestone Lake in a national park (Innovative solution needed for unique lake, Sept.16).

First of all, park or no park, the mining development he alludes to is unlikely ever to take place. There are no...

Dec 04 01
Avoiding Cottage Sprawl

Winnipeg,Manitoba-The Manitoba Government announced today that 700 new cottage lots are available for lease or sale in our province.  A cottage represents the largest ecological imprint that an individual makes in a park or wilderness area.

While it appears that the lots available this spring are...

Dec 04 01
New Atlas Promotes Sustainable Development in the Riding Mountain Region

Citizens, landowners, educators, conservation organizations, First Nations, and government agencies in the Riding Mountain region have a new resource and education tool to work with—the Riding Mountain Ecosystem Community Atlas.

This shared information provides common ground for everyone interested...

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