Jun 05 17
A fleeting opportunity to conserve the greatest intact watershed in Manitoba
The waters that drain into these areas are sourced from roughly 1.4 million square kilometres of the North American landscape (about twice the size of Alberta), a region that includes concentrated development as well as large areas of intact Boreal forest.

Apr 26 17
Seal River watershed campaign gets a boost from École Riverview students in Winnipeg
CPAWS Manitoba is always thrilled to receive invitations from educators and students to join them in the classroom and discuss boreal conservation in Manitoba. The experience is often both humbling and energizing. This proved to be the case when we were fortunate enough to meet with the enthusiastic grade 3 & 4 students in Mme. Annette Danis’ French Immersion class at École Riverview.

Apr 05 17
Boreal lands serve boreal waters
It’s easy to ignore what we don’t see. As terrestrial beings, we rarely have the opportunity to observe the dynamism unfolding in aquatic systems. By extension, it can be difficult to visualize the impacts our actions have on this realm.

Mar 21 17
Island sanctuaries should become provincial parks
An alliance of two First Nations and two conservation organizations are hoping Manitobans will weigh-in on a proposal to protect eight islands on Lake Winnipegosis from developments. The provincial government is presently asking Manitobans how they feel about establishing the Grand and Goose Islands complex as provincial parks. March 24th is the deadline for public comments.

Feb 28 17
World Spay Day: How we can protect our wild birds by caring for our pets
Happy World Spay Day! Taking the initiative to spay or neuter our pets has many potential benefits, including reducing the chance of health issues8, curbing overpopulation of homeless animals, and even remedying behavioral problems, but why is CPAWS celebrating the health of your domestic animals?

Dec 13 16
Dec. 14 decision on park reserves could have implications for lakes and fisheries
The Manitoba government’s deadline to make a decision on the permanent protection of nine islands in Lake Winnipegosis is tomorrow, Wednesday December 14th. Grand, Pemmican and Goose Islands have been temporarily protected as park reserves since 2001 to conserve wildlife and ecosystems in the Manitoba Lowlands Natural Region. Potential mineral interests on Pemmican Island have drawn concern from CPAWS.

Dec 02 16
Adapting to change
Like all natural systems, the Boreal in Manitoba is ever changing.

Nov 26 16
Protecting habitat foundational to protecting moose
Though it is concerning that the recent throne speech excludes commitments to advance the needle on protecting our valuable ecosystems, I am pleased it includes a provincial commitment to develop comprehensive co-management strategies to secure the long-term sustainability of our wildlife populations. Ultimately, the success of efforts to safeguard and recover wildlife will require the province to conserve adequate suitable habitat for the species with which we share the landscape.

Nov 08 16
Plight of threatened Red-headed Woodpecker highlights need for holistic conservation strategy
Like many species including moose, and golden winged warblers, the red headed woodpecker thrive in habitats that are transitional in nature. Younger, disturbed forests that have not yet reached maturity or open forest areas where the boreal blends into grasslands can offer ideal conditions for these annual migrants. It’s a species in peril that underlines the importance of conserving landscapes of sufficient size to allow for natural processes to like habitat succession and natural fires, to occur. Read our newest blog on the challenges facing this species.

Oct 31 16
Know the North to share their journey at the CPAWS AGM
It’s been a wild ride navigating the conservation challenges and opportunities of a landscape as rich and varied as the Boreal in Manitoba. We are incredibly proud of the conservation successes that we couldn’t have achieved without the generosity and passion for wild nature that our supporters exude. That’s why we want you to join us on November 29th for a celebration of our work and the wild landscapes of Manitoba that continue to inspire us all.

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